duminică, 26 decembrie 2010

This one's for you

Because you are keeping my legs from folding.

Because when I am tired, I am leaning on you, when I am sad, I am crawling into your comfort. Because you are hooking my lips and pulling them into a smile, building a fire in the belly of my soul and warming me from the inside out.

Because when I am lost, you are pointing in the right direction, when I am shaking, you’re holding my hand and whispering it will be alright.

And because when I’m incoherent you’re closing your eyes and saying my rambling sounds a little like a creek. Because when I’m jumping from thought to thought without leaving a trail, you’re laughing and calling it hopscotch, never missing a beat.

And, oh, because you’ve all carved your names in the back of my heart.
Because you’ve all tattooed your words in the palms of my dreams.
Because you are the pulse of my wishes, the tempo of my hopes.
Because I love you

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